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An Adoption Story

Every adoption story is bittersweet, as it typically starts with a difficult sacrifice of love on the part of a birth mother. You will see it is also a story of a beautiful new beginning as the child is brought into a family who vows to care and love this child like Christ loves us.

A young couple came to Christian Family Care, just eight weeks pregnant, scared and searching for answers on what to do next. The birth mother, Katie, had a long history of abuse in her home. She battled with PTSD and crippling anxiety which prevented her from working. Katie and her boyfriend knew that they were not in a position to give their son the life he deserved, so they began working on an adoption plan with our pregnancy counselor, Rachel. 

They were shown two family profiles and Katie knew immediately which family felt right. The Chicas had a young daughter who reminded Katie of her own spunky little sister. The vision of her son growing up with a big sister to play with reminded her of happier times.

Those four days were life changing
for all four parents.

During this time, Rae and Mario Chicas were fervent in prayer. They prayed for the birth mother of their child before they even knew who she was. They prayed that she would have the courage to choose life for her baby and the strength to follow through with her adoption plan. 

God faithfully answered their prayers when Rachel called the Chicas to set up a match meeting. They were introduced to her young clients who were steadfast in their adoption plan. During that first meeting, both families knew their lives would be intertwined forever. 

The beauty of this story truly began to unfold in the hospital, surrounding the birth of their son, Titus. The Chicas spent Christmas in the hospital, showering the birth family with love and kindness, sharing the love Christ has for them, even with the possibility that they may not sign the adoption papers. For four days, they all shared the responsibility of caring for Titus. Those four days were life changing for all four parents. An open relationship was built, and hearts were stitched together by God. 

The Chicas are so thankful they are able to share with their son the story of his birth and how his birth parents love him so much, they selflessly placed him for adoption.

Your financial stewardship and prayers enables birth mothers every day to choose life and build families. Thanks to you, Christian Family Care is able to share Christ with these birth parents and provide them with ongoing counseling services, a safe place to live, medical services and support. Without you, the services Christian Family Care provides to birth mothers would not be possible. Please stand with CFC today, as we continue to provide hope and future to birth parents who need our support.

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