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Infant Adoption Program

Adopting a ChildFamilies choosing infant adoption through our Arizona adoption agency are stable Christian families who are eager to share their love with a child and prepared for the joys of adoptive parenting.

Our families demonstrate a willingness to build and maintain connections with birth families for the benefit of their child and are committed to honoring the decision of the birthparents by continuing over the years their open adoption covenant.

As part of the infant adoption program families will participate in our education classes. In these classes, families will learn the ins and outs of adoptive parenting, building relationships with practical adoption knowledge with integrate scripture and biblical principles throughout each session.

Open Adoption

CFC adoptions are almost always open adoptions. A fully disclosed open adoption involves a face-to-face meeting between the birth and prospective adoptive parents prior to placement; an exchange of identifying information; and a commitment on both sides to ongoing contact.

The degree of openness in an adoption varies greatly from family to family. Some birth parents want to receive an annual update and pictures while others desire ongoing in-person contact.

The Infant Adoption Process

Once the forms and application are submitted, an adoption specialist begins meeting with the family to complete the home study process. This adoption specialist interviews the family, receives necessary documents from them and other sources, and writes a home study. This process typically takes four to six months.

Before, during, or after the home study process, the family attends Adoption Education Classes to learn more about adoptive parenting. Once the family is certified to adopt and completes all classes, they are available for placement of a child.

Birth parents typically select a family for their child by reviewing family profiles which prospective adoptive families have created to introduce themselves to birth parents. In most cases, birth parents wish to meet the prospective adoptive families before making a family selection.

Prior to placement of a child, the birth and adoptive families mutually decide on the nature of their on-going relationship. CFC strongly advocates for fully-disclosed open adoptions whenever possible.

After the birth parents finalize their adoption consents, the adoptive parents will sign placement papers and their petition to adopt. A three- to nine-month waiting period follows the filing of the petition.

Christian Family Care’s adoption specialist conducts regular post-placement home visits until the adoption is finalized. The adoption specialist then submits a final report to the Court prior to the hearing summarizing the child’s development and recommending the adoption be finalized. Ultimately, the adoption is finalized by the Court.

If you are interested in adopting one of the many children who are in need of a loving home through Christian Family Care –

Email or submit the Inquiry Form on the Contact page for more information.

CFC is COA accredited (Council on Accreditation) and Licensed through the state to provide child welfare and adoption services. It is also licensed through the Arizona Board of Health Services as an outpatient clinic.

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Simple steps to start the adoption process with Christian Family Care

  • Request an infant adoption information packet
  • Complete and return the initial paperwork included in the packet
  • Families wishing to continue the process will meet with a caseworker for an initial assessment and to answer any additional questions

Those wishing to continue with the process:

  • Take the Taylor Johnson Temperament Analysis
  • Have their fingerprints taken
  • Schedule medical exams for each adult and have a physician complete and sign the Physician's Report Form
  • Complete all forms

Christian Family Care Requirements:

  1. Live in the State of Arizona
  2. Be able to sign our Statement of Faith
  3. Be actively involved in a church for at least one year
  4. Be married for at least two years