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Pregnancy FAQs

What is decision-making counseling?

Anyone facing an unplanned pregnancy has a number of important decisions to make. Our trained, Masters-level counselors help you look at your options so you can make an informed choice about your child’s future. Our counselors will not pressure you or attempt to make decisions for you. Whatever you decide, we believe it is important that you make an informed choice and that you feel comfortable and confident with your decision.

How much does counseling cost?

There is no cost for counseling and related services for you and your family.

Will you tell my family or friends I’m pregnant?

Absolutely not. All counseling and communication with CFC is absolutely confidential. We will not tell anyone about your situation unless you ask us to. If you want to involve your family in counseling you are welcome to do so.

Does choosing adoption mean I don’t really love my baby?

Women and couples who explore adoption are motivated by their love and concern for their child. Typically, women who make an adoption plan are doing so because they feel the child’s needs will best be met through adoption.

Is open adoption confusing for the child?

Secrets are confusing and unhealthy for children. Open adoption removes the mystery and allows the child’s questions to be answered openly and honestly. With the love and support of their birth and adoptive families, children develop high self-esteem and a healthy sense of identity.

Will my family and friends think badly of me if I choose adoption?

Many people are unfamiliar with open adoption. We can help you to educate your friends and family. If you feel comfortable and confident in your open adoption plan, that will set the stage for how they perceive your decision.

What if I decide to parent my child?

If you choose to parent, CFC will provide you with counseling and support so you will be prepared for the tremendous responsibility of parenthood.

What if I choose not to parent my child?

CFC will provide you with counseling and support and will help you make an adoption plan for your child including:

  • Selection of a loving adoptive family for your child
  • An agreement with the adoptive family to see the child, not only when they’re born but throughout their lifetime, if you choose
  • Assistance with pregnancy-related needs and expenses, including maternity clothes, housing and medical care
  • Access to experienced legal counsel
  • Housing and transportation assistance
  • Emotional support during the adoption planning process and beyond
  • Grief counseling
  • Education and career planning
  • Connection to other community resources

How could I possibly give away my baby?

Adoption is not about giving away a baby. Adoption is about making a plan for a child’s life. Babies need and deserve stable environments where they can receive the emotional and financial resources to equip them for a bright future. If a young woman or couple is not prepared to parent, adoption is a loving solution to an unplanned pregnancy.

How can I be sure that the adoptive parents will take good care of the child?

Parents who adopt through Christian Family Care must prove that they are emotionally and financially ready to parent. They must complete a rigorous home study process and be certified by the Court in order to be approved as adoptive parents. Additionally, you will choose the parents and will have opportunities to meet them and make sure you feel they are the right people to parent your child.

You matter!

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“CFC has helped me…

… by showing me God has a plan for everyone.”

… make decisions and know I have options.”

… by giving me the proper tools to choose the best parents for my child.”

-          comments from birth parents