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Planned Gifts & Estate Planning

Planned Gifts

God directs the events of our lives to draw us closer to Him (Acts 17:26-27). He also uses specific times and events in your life to impact your gift planning, which can result in great benefits for both you and the children and families served by Christian Family Care.

Important events include the sale of appreciated assets, sale of a business, sale of a farm and retirement. All of these are excellent times to consider a Planned Gift. Planned Gifts may be made either during your lifetime or at death. They usually involve the assistance of professionals such as your accountant, attorney or financial planner.


Estate Planning

Estate Planning is not only for the wealthy; it is for everyone. It is simply the process of deciding where your assets should be distributed not only after your death but during your life. For Christians, Estate Planning isn’t just a legal process, it is also an act of worship, as we lay everything we are and have before the Lord for His purposes.


Excerpts from

“How Did You Do That?”

By Jay Link, Stewardship Ministries


Concept #1: Compression Planning
There are many creative and effective ways to “shrink” the size of various assets through what we call Compression Planning.  Depending on the particular asset, how the title is held and the percentage of ownership, these discounts can often go as high as 50% or more, meaning, for example, a $1,000,000 asset could be reduced in value for estate tax purposes to as little as $500,000.

Concept #2: Charitable Planning
Unfortunately, this area of advanced planning is the most under-utilized of the three. Yet, in our opinion, it is the most powerful for several reasons.  These tools are routinely overlooked during planning considerations because few wealthy families and their advisors are intimately familiar with these very effective planning tools and their many and varied strategic applications in the wealth planning process.  In addition, many times a family’s advisors tend to carry a general, negative bias against charitable planning that prevents them from objectively evaluating the effective use of these powerful planning tools and techniques in their overall planning.

Concept #3: Leverage Planning
There are a number of techniques and strategies that can be used to leverage your wealth producing substantially greater planning results when they are effectively incorporated into the Master Stewardship Planning process.  Unfortunately, we have found, as with the charitable planning concepts, that quite often both the affluent family and their advisors often have major misunderstandings of the proper and various leveraging techniques and tools and, consequently, carry a strong but unnecessary negative bias against them.  As a result, they often avoid them altogether which greatly diminishes the overall effective leverage of the family’s financial capacity.

Combining the Three Concepts
Each one of these three planning concepts by itself is extremely powerful and effective.  But when any two of these three techniques is utilized in tandem, there is an exponential increase in their combined effectiveness.  And when you can creatively combine all three of these powerful planning concepts into one comprehensive plan, which is our planning objective, the bottom line results are often absolutely beyond belief.

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"In the years immediately after becoming believers in our Lord Jesus Christ as Savior, in our mid-30’s, we learned of a 16 year old girl who needed a home, through a Christian foster care agency.
We were moved by God’s gracious Holy Spirit to become foster parents for her and in the years following more than 20 teens found their way into our home where they became aware of the saving grace of The Lord, Jesus Christ.
For many, it was a life-changing experience as they, too, became followers of Jesus, going on in later years to marry and to bring their children up in the nurture and admonition of The Lord and His Holy Word.
As we look back upon those formative years of our own faith journey, and as we see new generations of disciples in the families of those we had the privilege to love, we understand the powerful potential of the Christian home as a place where God chooses to redeem His children. Christian Family Care remains on the cutting edge in awakening and equipping the Church of Christ to fulfill God’s plan of salvation by providing Christian families to serve Him through foster care and adoption. For this reason, we remain committed to CFC and count it a privilege to include them in our estate plan."

Warren and Joan