A Foster Mom’s Love Makes a Lasting Impact

Aaliyah was 11 years old when she was placed into Patricia’s foster home. At the time, she never could have foreseen the impact Patricia would have on her life. With your help, more at-risk foster kids will see what it’s like to grow up with a loving foster mother like Patricia.

Patricia shared life lessons with Aaliyah, which helped prepare her to now live on her own. Aaliyah fondly remembers her foster mom sharing memories about her experiences during the Civil Rights movement and what it was like to march with Dr. King.

Patricia also played a role in Aaliyah’s faith journey. “She helped me see more of God’s love and how he feels about me,” Aaliyah said. Patricia would bring her biological daughter and foster kids to church every Sunday. “You can’t say that you’ve been to her house and left without knowing about the Lord,” Aaliyah said.

While sharing Jesus’ love with her kids, Patricia also noticed God softening her own heart. “Being a foster mom has helped show me what unconditional love is,” Patricia said. “I see a lot of fear these kids have, and I sympathize with them,” she said.

Aaliyah is now a sophomore at ASU, hoping to be an attorney one day. She talks to Patricia on the phone every day. “She’s been a mother to so many people in ways that their parents couldn’t be,” Aaliyah said.

Aaliyah wishes Patricia a Happy Mother’s Day and appreciates the bravery, patience, and unconditional love she continues to show foster kids in need.

Patricia has been a foster mom through Christian Family Care for over 20 years. She’s now 75 years old and still mothers foster children in her home.

At CFC, we believe that every child deserves a chance to be raised by a loving, Christian family. We need more foster moms like Patricia who truly have a heart for this ministry. And we, as a community, need to support foster moms like Patricia in the work they’re doing.

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