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Birthmom Living Expenses

BM 300x225Christian Family Care serves women in a crisis pregnancy contemplating placing their baby for adoption. The average age of women coming to CFC for decision-making counseling for an unplanned pregnancy is 23-26 years of age, despite the perception that most birth mothers are teens. These are women who have 1-2 small children in the home, are unmarried and the birth father is not involved with either the financial support or emotional support. These young women realize the challenges of parenting and the resources required and often make the unselfish choice to place their baby into the home of loving adoptive homes.

Christian Family Care will, when necessary, assume financial responsibility for her basic necessities to maintain stability for her and her children through this difficult time in her life, regardless if she decides to place her child for adoption or parent. These costs can be recouped through fees paid by the adoptive family. However, approximately 2/3 of the women CFC serves decide to parent. If this happens, the agency absorbs the living expenses incurred during the pregnancy. Your partnership will help ensure the health and safety of the birthmoms, the current children in the home and the unborn child.

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