Meet Nevaeh

Nevaeh is a lovely girl who likes to converse and joke around. She has a great sense of humor and carries herself very maturely for her age. She is very active and athletic. Though football is her favorite, she enjoys playing volleyball and running track. She was also previously involved in kickboxing and likes getting physical exercise. Though she keeps busy with school, sports, and socializing with friends, Nevaeh also enjoys having downtime that can help her decompress from a long day. She enjoys watching TV, journaling, baking, and reading.

Nevaeh is a great student and enjoys going to school. She keeps up with her assignments and receives good grades. She is very sociable with her peers and is a kind friend. She often feels a responsibility to stick up for others and is a great self-advocate as well. As for her future, Nevaeh wants to pursue a job in the military and hopes to join the Army or Air Force upon graduation. At this time, she is unsure of what field she would like to pursue career-wise but is very driven and focused to achieve any goal she sets her mind to.

The ideal family for Nevaeh would be an active family that has many interests and enjoys outings. She would do well in a family that has a set routine and is very clear with their expectations. She desires a family that values open and honest conversation. Nevaeh does well with other children and is very proactive. She is open to a mom and dad or a single mom family dynamic. She needs a family that can lovingly support her through the ups and downs of life. Ultimately, a family that will provide consistency, support stability, and growth, and encourage a judgment-free environment would best suit her.

Nevaeh was born in 2006.

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