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    Born in 2010 & 2012

Rayne and Skyler are very sweet siblings. Rayne is happy and easygoing. She enjoys school and her favorite subjects are math and reading. Rayne likes to collect stuffed animals and watch YouTube Kids. Rayne loves running around the yard and riding her bike with her brother Skyler. Rayne enjoys engaging in family activities such as puzzles and dinners.

Skyler enjoys the long breaks he gets from school but also enjoys his favorite subject, Math. Skyler enjoys video games and riding his bike with his sister Rayne. When it is hot outside, you will find Skyler in the pool swimming. Rayne prefers to relax in the air-conditioning. Skyler is also a fan of sports, particularly basketball. He will say that some of the best eating is orange chicken at Panda Express and Rayne favors the iconic Happy Meal at Mcdonald’s.

These siblings will thrive in a two-parent home with just them or older children. Rayne and Skyler would benefit from having a regular routine. Families would want to have a more open schedule to best accommodate these siblings.
Meeting Rayne and Skyler would go well at a park playing, arcade games or engaging in sports.

Rayne was born in 2010. Skyler was born in 2012.

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