Meet Royalette

Royalette is a remarkable 13-year-old girl who has an extraordinary zest for life. Despite having low vision, she has navigated her world with a determination that leaves everyone in awe. She cherishes sensory toys that allow her to explore textures, shapes, and sounds in her own unique way.

Royalette has a sassy attitude that charms everyone around her. She has a way of communicating through her expressions and gestures, making it clear when she approves or disapproves of something.

She is a sweet, curious soul who revels in discovering new sounds and sensations, making the world a brighter place with her presence.

Her foster mother describes Royalette as smart and able to easily adapt. Once Royalette is comfortable with her surroundings, she enjoys exploring. Royalette is always down to listen to a good conversation.

Royalette would do well in a single-parent or two-parent home that has the flexibility in their schedule to attend to her needs. She would do well with other children. A family who has experience with her medical needs would be preferred, but any loving family that is open and willing to learn how to care for Royalette is welcome.

Royalette was born in 2009.

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