Meet Rudy

Rudy is an outgoing, funny, adventurous, kind-hearted, and helpful young man.

His favorite food is fry bread and enjoys it better when it is plain. With that, his favorite restaurant is Fry Bread House. He does not watch much TV but when he does, he likes anime. Rudy enjoys playing video games and riding bikes and scooters. He also collects video games! He enjoys being outdoors and describes himself as active. He is even a part of a monthly fly fishing group. His perfect day would be a day with no school, working Wi-Fi, and going fishing at a river.

He is passionate about JROTC and wants to join the Army after graduation. JROTC is his favorite class in school but he also likes lunch! He would like to learn more about advanced computer technology and computer building. If Rudy does not join the Army, he wants to build computers for his career!

Rudy would do best in a home where he is the oldest child or the only child. He would do well in a two-parent home or a single-parent home. This home can have animals. Rudy would like to stay in Arizona as that is where his sister is, and it is important to him that she stays in his life. The family can have a flexible schedule that allows Rudy to participate in the activities he enjoys like fly fishing. A family that is active with him would also be great!

Rudy was born in 2009.

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