Meet Will

Will loves to interact with others and enjoys talking to those he meets. Will primarily enjoys playing online games and video games in his free time. He specifically likes playing Fortnite or Roblox on the Nintendo Switch. He also enjoys watching movies and says that his favorite movie series is Star Wars. Will loves getting to go out for special meals and says his favorite restaurant is Outback Steakhouse. That said, he is happy with a Big Mac from McDonald’s any day and will never miss the chance to go out to eat.

As for school, Will has an appreciation for technology and enjoys learning new things. He is interested in joining an Esports Club and likes P.E. Will has a vibrant personality and is very outgoing. He likes the social aspects of school but also likes maintaining his independence. Though he is unsure about what career path he wants to take when he is older, he looks forward to his future and is excited to see what it may hold.

Will would thrive in a home that is loving and supportive of his needs. Ideally, he would do great in a two-parent household that can work together to remain structured and patient. Will needs a gracious, predictable, and steadfast home. Will needs to know that others care about him and have his best interest at heart. Will does best with those who are willing to devote one-on-one attention and spend quality time with him. It is best that Will is in a home that has no pets. Will is open to having siblings, though it would be best that he is the youngest child in the home.

Will was born in 2008.

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