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Arizona Family Counseling

Serving Arizona Foster and Adoptive Families

Counseling ServicesChristian Family Care’s counselors are all Masters-level therapists, many of whom are Licensed Professional Counselors or Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists. They have received specialized training in child and family therapy, and in healing attachment trauma.

Integrative Treatment for Attachment Trauma

Children that have experienced abuse, neglect or trauma exhibit neurological differences in the brain, which appear as inappropriate coping behaviors and delayed emotional and social growth. Foster and adoptive children deal with issues of loss, attachment trauma, and abuse/neglect. Christian Family Care’s counselors use therapy techniques specially chosen to help these children.

These children may not attach emotionally to caregivers, and often do not respond well to normal parenting interventions. Our counselors address trauma issues with a variety of interventions designed to integrate your child’s brain. Treatment modalities include family therapy, therapeutic play, drama, EMDR and other trauma therapies, and a wide spectrum of play therapy techniques. Play therapy techniques include art, sand tray, narrative storytelling and metaphors using puppets.

Caregiver involvement in sessions is essential, although individual sessions for your child may be provided as necessary. Therapists provide highly specialized parent coaching and training to strengthen the parent/child relationship and create a more skilled caregiver. Therapists have a wide range of expertise in family and child counseling in order to provide therapy for each child and family. We base our parent training on material from: Integrative Parenting: Strategies for Raising Children Affected by Attachment Trauma.

Play Therapy

A child’s language is play. By using play therapy, sand tray therapy and art therapy, counselors help children suffering from various difficulties: divorce, separation, depression abuse, post-traumatic stress or the loss of a parent or family member. CFC’s counselors can help with assessment, behavior management, social skills, anger management, self-control and emotional healing. Children lack the cognitive maturity to benefit from talking through their problems. In a play therapy session, the child is able to work through problems as they create a world they can master. They practice social skills, overcome frightening feelings, and symbolically triumph over the upsets and traumas that have stolen their sense of well-being. Fees are $120 for assessment and $75 to $120 for ongoing therapy. CFC contracts with Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care and Cenpatico for counseling children with attachment trauma. CFC also accepts BCBS insurance.

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