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In our Arizona communities, there are isolated families who are facing hard times. Many are living out of their cars, have recently lost their job, or are in need of medical treatment. Without a healthy support system, the child welfare system is often forced to get involved. 

What if they relied on the local church to be their community in times of need? As a Family Coach, you can support these families and help them get back on their feet!

You will routinely check-in with parents and help them work on their goals. The parent’s goals could be anything from securing housing to gaining stable employment. As a Family Coach, you will also support Host Families by monitoring children’s safety through visits.

As a Family Coach you…

• Conduct weekly home visits
• Serve 2-4 hours  a week
• Choose which hostings work for you
• Receive ongoing support
• Facilitate relationships

How to Get Started

• Online application
• Background check
• 4 Hours of online training
• 1-Hour interview

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