Provide Expert Coaching to Families in Need Through CFC’s Family Coaching Scholarship

As you know, life is filled with many ups and downs. Parenting today can be one of the most rewarding as well as one of the most challenging experiences we face. And oftentimes, families with children face challenges they simply don’t know how to deal with on their own. 

Though we try so hard, sometimes the best parenting response is not as obvious as we wish it were during a challenging time. Providing expert help as well as prayer for parents in need of navigating issues like childhood behaviors, fighting among siblings, developmental challenges, blending families, and improving communication is a role Christian Family Care has taken on to support families through our Family Coaching service.  

Because of this, we need your help!  

Christian Family Care, through Arizona Family Counseling, is offering Family Coaching to hundreds of families every year. Our coaches have experience applying clinical understanding to help families with children of all ages and backgrounds to prevent them from taking the next step, which would be entering our more long-term counseling program.  

Our Family Coaching team draws on an expert understanding of attachment, child development, family systems theory, birth order theory, trauma-informed care, behavior modification, and foundational biblical principles in order to help strengthen families in need.   

You can help change the trajectory of a family!    

Will you help a family in need through Family Coaching?  

Your sponsorship of a hurting family can make all the difference in the world to a child as well as the parents.   

Here is more information about CFC’s Family Coaching Services: 

  • Family coaching sessions are typically 75 minutes long with one or multiple caregivers meeting with the family coach without their children present.   
  • After learning about their parenting style, their family, and the external factors that are influencing the family, our family coaches begin to work with parents in understanding key psychoeducational principles that will help them in their parenting.   
  • Then we work with the parents to implement those principles to help the children thrive during those challenging situations.  
  • Our families love Family Coaching services because they find the family coach creates a warm, non-judgmental, supportive atmosphere where they can be open and honest about their challenges as a parent and be encouraged to grow. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I am seeking help for my child. What is the difference between family coaching and counseling?

Family coaching is often used by parents or caregivers that are not quite ready to receive counseling services, but are facing challenging circumstances and are interested in learning and growing. Many of the families we work with tend to have an “I want to be able to fix this myself” attitude.

Although most family coaching is to help the child(ren) within the home, parents or caregivers are the individuals participating in the coaching process. Family coaching differs from counseling in that it is less intense in nature. Family Coaching has a  psychoeducational and skill-building focus, while counseling is the process of dissecting specific thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as well as past experiences that may play a role in the client’s present and future.

Our coaches draw upon the same clinical understanding of attachment, emotional regulation, and child development that a counselor utilizes, and they share that information in very practical ways.

Family coaching is present-focused. Our coaches will work with you to formulate a specific plan of action to address the needs of your unique family.

What type of issues does family coaching address?

Most of our clients are seeking guidance in navigating the challenging behaviors of their children.

Examples of the most common presenting issues we help families address are:

· Challenging childhood behaviors (tantrums, disrespect, lying, disobedience, anxiety, etc.)

· Fighting among siblings

·Parenting children who have a trauma history

· Parenting adopted children

· Developmental challenges (infant/newborn sleep schedules, balancing structure and trust with teens, etc.)

· Caregiver parenting styles

· Strengthening attachment

· Blending families

· Improving family communication

· Balancing a nurturing and structured parenting approach

· Caregiver burnout/self-care

· Navigating grief and loss

· Thriving as a parent throughout a stressful season

Are family coaches also counselors?

Family coaches may or may not be licensed clinicians. Family coaches most often have the experience of parenting their own biological or foster children, and they are highly skilled in navigating a variety of family dynamics.

Is family coaching only utilized when addressing problems with children?

No. Some families have requested family coaching proactively to help them prepare for an upcoming family transition (move, adoption, deployment, job change etc.) Caregivers have also sought family coaching to help them learn healthy parenting skills.

What types of interventions do your family coaches use?

Our coaches utilize parenting interventions from Trust-Based Relational Intervention® (TBRI®), Integrative Parenting, Circle of Security®, Bryan Post, Dan Siegel, and other leaders in the field. If you would like to receive an introduction to the style and types of training our family coaches provide, please check out our online trainings at Family Care Learning.

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