In Arizona, we can decide where our tax dollars go.

As you file your state tax return for 2017, you are allowed to “redirect” up to $1,000 to help foster children through the Arizona Charitable Foster Care Tax Credit. Christian Family Care serves over 1,700 children a year and is qualifies to receive donations that can be used as a tax credit on the returns.

Your gift is a dollar-for-dollar tax credit, which is more valuable than a tax deduction. A tax credit will help reduce your overall state tax liability and is not impacted by your tax withholdings during the course of the year*. If you withheld more than what you owed, the credit will result in an increase in your state tax refund. If you have no Arizona tax liability for the current year, you may carry the tax credit forward for up to five years. And, they do not have to itemize on their state taxes – so even working teens can give!

Take full advantage of this tax credit opportunity and thereby help the 18,000 children in foster care. Thank you!

*Please consult your tax advisor.

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