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Meet Hunter “Anthony,” a resilient, fun-loving, loyal soft-spoken young man with a great sense of humor and an infectious grin that lights up the room. Anthony loves Oreo cookies, Oreo cookie ice cream, Oreo cookie Blizzards, and anything else you can think of that pairs well with Oreo cookies. He also has a ferocious appetite for pepperoni pizza. Anthony’s favorite activities include building and collecting all kinds of Lego Sets, playing video games, watching movies, and hanging out with people he cares about.

Anthony’s favorite class in school is orchestra, and a passion for the violin and enjoys music very much. Anthony is very relational and deeply invests in his friendships, family, and adult relationships. He enjoys spending quality time doing various activities but building Legos and looking at old photos with others are favorites on his list. Anthony desires to maintain as many connections with friends as possible over the long term. His ultimate goal is to become a police officer someday. He enjoys learning about law enforcement and is fascinated with police cars.

Anthony would do well in almost any family if they give him clear realistic expectations and boundaries up front, are patient and soft-spoken with him, and are willing to allow him to maintain consistent contact with his biological grandmother and other extended family members. A family would also need to remain engaged in trauma therapy and be willing to work closely with Anthony’s team to set appropriate behavioral goals for him. Anthony also does well with younger children and enjoys being a big brother. Due to Anthony’s strong bonds with his biological family, his team only recruits in-state families.

Anthony was born in 2009.

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