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Mother’s Day

There is no bond greater than that between a mother and her child. Studies show that bonding begins in the womb. That’s why choosing to place a child for adoption is one of the most heartbreaking and selfless decisions a mother could make. 

It’s because of supporters like you, that birth mothers are choosing life for their unborn children. Your gifts make it possible to provide them with safe housing, medical care, and counseling. Because of you, they’re supported through the most difficult decision they’ll ever have to make. 

It’s a decision that we ask our adoptive families to honor by committing to an open adoption. Emily and Nate were hesitant about an open adoption, but God showed them the beauty of having an open relationship with their future child’s birth family through the classes they took at Christian Family Care.

Emily and Nate waited a year and a half for the call they had been praying for. There was a two-and-a-half-week old little girl who needed a family and her birth mother, Paw, chose them to adopt her baby girl. Paw is a refugee and a single mother who knew that she wanted her daughter to grow up in a house with a mom and dad.

When the two families met for the first time, the connection was natural. It was like God had his hand on their hearts, slowly knitting their families together- connecting them for life.

Emily anticipated falling in love with her new daughter, Mila, but she never dreamed that she would fall in love with her birth mother the way that she did. The connection that both of these mothers have is a gift that they cherish.

“Mama Paw”, as they call her, is an important member of the family. She attends family gatherings and holidays. Paw is a believer in Jesus Christ and regularly exchanges encouraging text messages with Emily and keeps in touch through FaceTime calls and visits.

Nate and Emily fully embraced their open adoption and the reality of extending their family beyond just their baby, honoring the selfless decision Paw made.

As Mother’s Day approaches, we celebrate all mothers, and want to thank you for standing with us in supporting birth mothers who are choosing life. Many of these mothers are alone in their decision to carry their child and place them for adoption, making your support life-giving.