STRONG Families Application

Welcome to the STRONG Families program, a ministry of Christian Family Care (CFC)! We trust that your volunteer position will bless you and the families you serve!

Below are the documents that you will need to complete and/or submit in order to become certified in your STRONG Families volunteer role. Forms are organized for both Family Friend and Host Family applicants, additional forms for Host Family applicants, and “as needed” forms.

Tech Tips

Save each form to your personal computer, print the form to hand sign, and then scan or take a picture and email them back to us. All documents can be emailed to If you have any questions, please contact Debbi Baker at (602) 396-2720 or Unless noted, all documents are required.

MAC USERS – Please note!  Do not edit and save these forms using your Preview program. Only edit and save using the Adobe Reader or another Adobe program. As a best practice, save the forms to your personal computer first and then open the form to complete.


These can be completed before or after Orientation.

Application – Complete and return STRONG Families Volunteer Application. Volunteer Application

CFC Statement of Faith – Please read the Christian Family Care Statement of Faith  and sign indicating your agreement: Statement of Faith

Volunteer Handbook – The CFC Volunteer Handbook (save for your reference) contains a great deal of useful information, including volunteer policies and guidelines. Take some time to review the handbook then sign this form: Acknowledgement of CFC Volunteer Handbook

Christian Family Care Volunteer Release and Waiver of Liability Form – Please carefully review, sign, and date this form: CFC – Volunteer Release and Waiver of Liability Form

Christian Family Care Policies These are reviewed during Orientation. Please read the full policy and sign the last page acknowledging your understanding of each. Host Families: Any adult in the home that may provide care for the children should also read and sign these policies. 1.14 HEALTH SAFE WELFARE2.09 CLIENT MALTREATMENT3.11 CONFIDENTIALITY3.12 DUTY TO WARN_PROTECT3.15 BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT

Fingerprint Clearance Card.  If you do not have a Level 1 Fingerprint Clearance Card, please read this form; How to obtain a fingerprint clearance card and visit to start the process to obtain your Fingerprint Clearance Card. STRONG Families will reimburse the $67 application fee and $8 printing fee for Host Parents and Family Friends upon certification. Host Families: Every adult in the home must obtain a Level 1 Fingerprint Clearance Card. Unfortunately, we cannot reimburse for other adult household members.

These can be completed at or after Orientation.

Criminal History Self-Disclosure Please complete this form and sign in front of a notary. Each box must be checked, lines through them all will not be accepted. STRONG Families has notaries available in the office for your convenience. Host Families: Any adult in the home must also complete this form. Criminal History Self-Disclosure

DCS Records Check (DCSCR) This form allows us to do a check of any DCS investigations you may have been involved in here in Arizona. Host Families: Any adult in the home must also complete this form. DCS Records Check

These should be completed after Family Friend or Host Family Training.

Health Self-Disclosure This form helps us to know of any potential concerns about supervision or transporting of Placing Families. Host Families: Any adult in the home must also complete this form. Health Self-Disclosure

Volunteer Vehicle Use Form This form provides us with information about vehicles you may use to transport Placing Families. Volunteer Vehicle Use Form

Proof of Auto Insurance Please provide copies of proof of current insurance for any vehicle you may transport a Placing Family in.

Motor Vehicle Record Please provide a MVD record for each adult that may transport a Placing Family. (Cost will be $3.00/39 months)

  1. To obtain an MVR report, go to, Sign into your DMV account or create one if you do not yet have one.
  2. Once logged in, select “Other Services” and click on “Motor Vehicle Record” and follow the prompts to obtain your Motor Vehicle Record (39-Month Uncertified record).
  3. OR Visit a MVD office in-person to request a physical copy.

Driver’s License Please provide a clear copy or photograph of the driver’s license for any adult in your home that may transport Placing Families. Please note: Drivers under 18 may not transport Placing Families.


Emergency Evacuation Plan An evaluation plan must be displayed in a conspicuous location within your home. Emergency Evacuation Plan

Safety Agreement Please review and sign indicating your acknowledgment. All adults in the home should review and sign. Safety Agreement

Discipline Agreement Please review and sign indicating your acknowledgment. All adults in the home should review and sign. Discipline Agreement

CPR/First Aid Please submit a copy of your current CPR/First Aid training. If you need a class, please contact us for information on our upcoming class or visit to find a class. Use promo code “Foster” for a $10 discount per person. STRONG Families will reimburse up to the discounted cost (currently $38.73) for Host Family parents upon Host Family Certification.


Mutual Exchange of Information – Adoption (If you are a certified Adoptive Family with CFC)

Mutual Exchange of Information – Foster Care (If you are a licensed Foster Family with CFC)


All volunteers need to attend Orientation and complete Mandated Reporter Training – online here:

Volunteers must also attend training specific to their role, Host Family or Family Friend Training. The next class date will be provided by Debbi Baker.

 *If you have any questions, please contact Debbi Baker at (602) 396-2720 or

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