Justin and Anna – 808

Dear Friends and Family,

We began seriously talking about adoption about a year ago. Throughout this past year, we have taken classes in preparation for adoption and many long conversations about if this was the path for us. We have decided to take the next step to see what is in store for our family. The agency that we have chosen to partner with is one we deeply respect for their training of adoptive families, their ethics around adoption and their deep commitment to work in Arizona with the foster care system. We are currently pursuing a private adoption of a child under three (to preserve birth order). This is also the same agency our sister and brother-in-law used, and we have been impressed with their commitment to honor and involve birth parents as much as possible.

Private adoption is expensive, and we have saved for a large portion of the adoption fees. However, our agency has an incredible option, which allows individuals and businesses in the state of Arizona to designate up to $1000 in tax liability directly to our adoption (if you’re out of state it is a 501 © 3 tax deduction). If you are in state, we would be honored if you would designate your taxes toward our adoption, which would help us cover the rest of our fees. If you are out of state, we appreciate the love and support you all continue to send us.

We are so excited for how much love this child already has, in all of you! All of our love, Anna, Justin, Kezia, and Willow. Our adoption agency, Christian Family Care, is a qualifying 501(c) (3) organization that provides adoption services and foster care programs here in Arizona. This may allow adopt fund donations to be counted as charitable giving on your federal taxes.

For those living in Arizona, you can contribute up to $500 (single person) or $1000 (couples filing together), and may be able to receive a dollar-for-dollar credit on your Arizona State tax return through the Arizona Foster Tax Credit.

For those living outside of Arizona, you are may be able to put your donation towards a tax deduction on your federal taxes as a charitable gift or itemized deduction. You should consult your tax professional about your eligibility for the deductions and credits.

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