Good Morning Arizona- Back to School Transitions

Christian Family Care’s child and family therapist, Brandon Jones, appears on Good Morning Arizona about easing the transition of going back to school. Brandon gives practical ways you can help ease the fears and anxieties your child might face at the beginning of a new school year and signs you should look out for if your child is struggling.

Before the First Day:

  • Get back into school sleep schedule
  • Connect with friends from school
  • Visit teachers, administrators, and school social workers
  • Talk about and address worries and fears

Signs of Struggles:

  • Moodiness or irritability
  • Persistent protests
  • Anxious behaviors increased
  • Significant changes in appetite

Ways to Help:

  • Make sure they are getting enough sleep
  • Check in with your child daily
  • Partner with teachers and social workers for support
  • Lower chore expectations at home
  • Play with your child: opportunity to de-stress and build self-esteem

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