Miracles Amid a Pandemic

Valley Teen Placed in Strong, Loving Home  

“I just want to move in with them,” said Alex, a 15-year-old foster child, who learned that visits with a potential adoptive family were coming to a halt due to COVID-19.

The phone line went quiet for a moment as his team processed what he had just said. Just months before, Alex didn’t even want to be adopted. Too many families before had shattered his heart and broken his trust. But this one was different. The Strong family pursued him lovingly and built trust slowly.

Finding a Forever Home During a Global Pandemic

Be encouraged that even in-the-midst-of a global pandemic, economic shutdown, and civil unrest, miraculous things are still happening all around us! A teenage boy finally understands what it feels like to trust again, to have hope in a future, and receive unconditional love.

Alex is in our Specialized Youth Permanency (SYP) program at Christian Family Care. Foster children who are considered “hard to place” by the Department of Child Safety (DCS) are referred to our SYP program. Our incredible team of youth advocates then go the extra mile to find a family that fits the child’s needs. Thanks to your support, our youth advocates placed 42 children in their forever homes this year. Alex is one of them.

It’s been only a few months since Alex went to live with the Strongs, and his transformation is remarkable. Annie homeschools Alex and he’s starting to catch up academically. The one-on-one help and attention Annie’s given him has strengthened their relationship and allowed Alex to grasp the curriculum better.

A Committed, Loving Family Makes all the Difference

Alex’s prior family would tell him he’d never amount to anything, but Mike and Annie know better. They know Alex will do great things in this lifetime and they always remind him of that. Now, Alex has even tossed career ideas around like becoming a pharmacist or learning how to build musical instruments.

Another huge shift for Alex has been his interest in studying the Bible. In just thirty days, Alex went from being argumentative about biblical values to asking for his own Bible to study. Every night, Mike reads passages of scripture and Alex continually surprises Mike with his contributions to the conversation.

The Future is Bright

With just a few years left until Alex leaves the house to pursue post-secondary education and a life of independence, the Strongs appreciate every moment they have with him. Mike knows these next years are critical in helping Alex become a successful adult and a godly man.

With thousands of children in foster care in Arizona, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of vulnerable children who need our help. That’s why we are so thankful for families like the Strongs, ministry partners, and donors who are walking in God’s calling alongside Christian Family Care to make a difference, one child at a time.

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