Back To School 2022

As families head into another school year, we want to say thank you for your support of Christian Family Care (CFC). Because of you, last year, we opened our first ever early childhood learning center, Family Care KIDS, and God has done amazing work in the lives of both parents and kids.

There is a great need for trauma-informed early learning and with your help we have been able to provide children with a safe, nurturing place to grow and thrive. Our families share how impactful the school has been on their children and what a blessing it is to have a Christ-centered, trauma-informed school in their backyard

The Topercer Family

Caitlin Topercer is a mother of two kids who are currently enrolled at our new preschool, Family Care KIDS. Her youngest daughter is a 10-month-old in our infant room and her oldest daughter is a 2-year-old in the toddler’s and 2’s room

“My daughter absolutely loves singing and dancing in her classroom,” Caitlin said. “She has learned so many songs and enjoys singing them with our whole family and with her baby sister. I was also really impressed by the concepts and vocabulary she has picked up on, like hot and cold through the science exploration activities this past year. She even brought home the cutest little crab handprint picture from Ms. Pillar’s class!”

Caitlin and her family live in the neighborhood behind Family Care KIDS and are excited to have such a great place within walking distance. Many other families living around our school also say this unique preschool has been an answer to their prayers.

The Holden Family

Amy Holden currently has four of her kids enrolled at Family Care KIDS. Amy and her husband enrolled their biological and foster kids in Family Care KIDS right when it opened. “We were so excited to have a faith-based, DES-approved, small preschool close to us,” Amy said. When their foster care licensing worker mentioned CFC was opening a trauma-informed preschool Amy googled its contact information and started calling CFC to find more information.

Why Family Care KIDS?

Both families shared several reasons why they chose to send their children to Family Care KIDS.

The Holden Family: “Our favorite thing is how they love our kids… We have a complicated family life with being foster parents and working in full-time ministry, so it has felt like an extra layer of support. They understand what kids go through after a visit with a bio-parent and that my kids might be ‘off’ because it’s the week before Easter and our family time hasn’t been normal.”

The Topercer Family: “The Directors Tammy and Alene were so kind and welcoming on our tour… We were incredibly impressed with the exceptionally clean, bright, and new facilities and the great teacher-to-child ratios. All the teachers we have encountered at Family Care KIDS genuinely care about the kids and their development and to find it right in our backyard was a bonus!”

Trauma-Informed Early Learning

Caitlin Topercer is a Mental Health Occupational Therapist who works with adults who have experienced trauma. She knows first-hand how critical prevention efforts are, starting with children who have experienced trauma so that they don’t carry that into their adult years.

“I was so thrilled to find a daycare that also values providing trauma-informed care to support both children and their families as they heal and grow together,” Caitlin said.

Children Thrive

Since enrolling in Family Care KIDS, Caitlin’s daughters are thriving! “My oldest daughter has grown so much in her confidence and independence since starting last year. She loves her teachers and friends, and her language and social skills have flourished. She is excited to go to school every morning, and it has been such a relief as a working parent to know she is in the best of hands during the day.”

For the Holden family, they have seen their kids grow leaps and bounds.

Amy shared: “Our two-year-old foster love had very few words when she was first placed with us, but now she talks constantly. We have also seen her social skills grow immensely after being at Family Care KIDS for a few months. She is initiating and mimicking play – which is amazing!”

“Her teachers have been so wonderful in providing a safe, nurturing learning environment and have been great at communicating about her care,” Topercer said.

Biblical Learning

“I love that my 3-year-old comes home singing “Waymaker” and talking about Jesus,” Amy said. “I also love that our foster loves are getting to know who Jesus is for the short time they are with us. I am trusting that God will use the seeds planted at preschool in big ways throughout their lives,” she shared.

Family Care KIDS has been the blessing that continues to bless families and children again and again. This would not have been possible without your support and prayers. School starts on August 10. We need your help as kids head back to school.

Please pray with us that the children enrolled, and their families feel supported and flourish into the people God created them to be. We also ask for continued prayer as we seek to hire more full-time and part-time teachers to assist in our mission of nurturing kids to grow and strengthening families to thrive, all in the name of Jesus Christ. We desperately need more teachers. Your financial support also enables us to support the salaries and training of our teachers and to serve the foster children and families of our preschool with counselors and family coaches.

For the children,

Mark Upton

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