Infant Adoption

Infant Adoption

Are you an Arizona couple feeling called to welcome an infant into your family through private adoption? Christian Family Care has been serving Arizona adoptive families for over 35 years, and we would love to answer any questions you may have about the adoption process.  If you are a married couple, living in Arizona, and are considering private infant adoption,  we would love to hear from you.

We are committed to making infant adoption as seamless and stress-free as possible. Once you are accepted into our program, you will be assigned an adoption specialist who will walk you through all of the steps of your adoption journey.

We encourage you to contact us to learn more.

For Expectant Parents

Expectant parents receive decision-making counseling, help with medical care, housing, pregnancy related expenses, and post-adoption support and counseling. This helps them make sure that adoption is the best plan for the baby and themselves.

Searching for a caring family for your infant? View current adoptive parent profiles here.

For Adoptive Parents

CFC provides pre- and post-support services to adoptive parents that many attorneys do not provide. Our home study process equips and prepares families to be adoptive parents.

Our professional staff will then continue to provide support services for families and children after the adoption is complete.

As an adoptive parent, you can be sure that we always share all information about individual infants and birth families.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is required to adopt through Christian Family Care?

We are committed to ensuring adoptive families can provide the stable, loving, Christian home that a child needs to live the happy life God intends for all.

Requirements from Christian Family Care to Adopt an infant

  • You must live in the State of Arizona
  • You must agree with and be able to sign our Statement of Faith
  • You must be actively involved in a church for a minimum of six months.
  • Must be able to obtain a reference from a pastor or other leader from your local church
  • Must be married for at least two years
  • Some age restrictions may apply

What is involved in becoming certified to adopt?

The adoption certification process may take anywhere from four to six months. The process includes submitting all necessary paperwork, attending the adoption education classes, a thorough home study, and the court’s decision regarding the family’s suitability to adopt.

Contact us to start the process!

Our Recruitment Coordinator will answer your questions, request a brief application, and have you review our Statement of Faith and share your testimony. Start by contacting: An Adoption Specialist will meet with you in person at your home or our office to learn more about your call to adoption, review the paperwork required for your home study, and answer your questions.

Attend adoption training

We have developed an 8-week series for our infant adoption families. In these classes, you’ll learn about the history of adoption, grief and loss as experienced by birth parents, adoptive parents, and the adopted child, the birth parent experience and CFC’s philosophy on open adoption, the impact of substance exposure in utero, how to promote healthy attachment, transracial adoption, and helping your child develop a healthy adoption identity. Classes are offered quarterly.

Complete a home study assessment

At CFC we want our families to thrive in their adoption journey so we dive deep with you and explore your own childhood experiences, your marital relationship (as applicable), your finances, social history, health, and more.

We will support you through the whole process, offer services for any areas that need attention, and help you make an informed decision for your family about the type of children God is calling you to adopt.

Get certified by Juvenile Court in your county of residence

After the training and assessment, we’ll write a home study summarizing all the information and submit it to the court in the county you reside.

The Judge then approves or denies the application, not CFC.

The right fit for your family

You can decide what kind of situation is right for you and your family. You will fill out a questionnaire regarding what kind of child you are comfortable adopting. Some things you’ll be asked to consider are whether you’re open to children of a different race, children with medical needs or possible developmental disabilities, if you have a preference on the sex of the child, etc. Your adoption caseworker can help you explore what each situation may really look like for your family. Your answers may change over time.

What happens after I’m certified to adopt?

Once your certification is approved by the Court, then our work really begins here at CFC!

Christian Family Care will share profiles of children seeking a forever family that fit your child desired parameters.

The goal is to find the best family for the child – to match you with a child that you can give the best opportunity of healing to.

Why does Christian Family Care advocate for open adoption?

Our infant adoptions are almost always open adoptions, because we believe children thrive when they live in truth about their adoption. An open adoption often involves a meeting between the birth and prospective adoptive parents before placement.

A commitment is made on both sides to ongoing contact. The degree of openness in an adoption varies from family to family. Some birth parents wish to only receive an annual update while others would like ongoing contact.

Raising funds for adoption

Adoption costs vary depending on how you go about adopting and which agency you choose. There are a variety of ways that you can help fund your adoption. Funding options include:

Employer Assistance

Many companies offer benefits to employees to adopt. This can range from time off to financial reimbursements. Contact your HR department to see what benefits are available to you.

Adoption Tax Credit

You may qualify for the adoption tax credit if you adopted a child and paid out-of-pocket expenses relating to the adoption or if you adopted a child with special needs.

Various Fundraising Methods

Peer-to-peer fundraisers like GoFundMe are popular among families wanting to adopt. Selling t-shirts, dinner fundraisers, and garage sales are all creative ideas to help cover the costs of adoption.

Adoption Subsidy

A combination of state and federal funds of $2,000 may be available to families who adopt a child with unique needs. Additional long-term benefits may be available if you adopt a child with special needs.

Military Subsidy

Active members of the U.S. Military may be eligible for up to $2,000 in adoption cost reimbursement.

Read our Infant Adoption booklet by clicking on the image below.

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