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Wanted: Families Willing to Love Hurting Children

In James 1:27, God asks us “to care for orphans and widows in their time of need.” Welcoming a foster child into your home is a beautiful response to that calling . . .

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A Journey of Healing and Compassion for Children

Children are placed in foster care because their home is unsafe for them—and right now, there are nearly 12,014 of these boys and girls in Arizona. With numbers so large, it’s easy to forget that each one of them is uniquely made in God’s image, with their own dreams. Tragically, many will never achieve their best hopes. A full 20% will be homeless when they age out of foster care at 18. Even more will experience PTSD from the sheer trauma of their childhoods.

These are wounds that leave deep, lasting scars. But Christian families who open their hearts and homes to these children are not only allowing them to heal from abuse or neglect. They’re also living their faith and sharing God’s redeeming love in word and deed with young people who desperately need to hear the Good News.

The decision to welcome a foster child into your home and family is one that requires careful thought and prayer. If you feel the Lord’s calling to this ministry, we’re eager to tell you more . . .

What is the goal of foster care?

The purpose of our foster care ministry is to provide safe, Christ-centered homes to at-risk, hurting children. During that time, the children’s birth families typically (though not always) work with the Arizona Department of Child Safety in order to have their children returned.

It can be extraordinarily difficult for a foster family to say goodbye to a child they’ve grown to love. Those who undertake this ministry make that sacrifice to honor God and bless the child. The sincerity of a family’s love through such trials can demonstrate the Gospel more powerfully than words ever could, leaving a lasting imprint on the hearts of wounded children.

For some children, reunification with a birth family is not possible. Those children may need an adoptive home, and many foster parents do adopt their foster children. In such cases, there’s little to no financial cost for families adopting from the foster care system.

Are we eligible to be foster parents?

To become a licensed foster family in the state of Arizona, you:

  • Must be 21 or older, with good references and a physician’s statement verifying your emotional and physical health.
  • Need enough living space for a foster child (including a separate bed) and enough income to support your own family’s needs.
  • Pass a background check

In addition, at Christian Family Care, we partner with married or single individuals who agree to our statement of faith, and are actively involved in Christian community.

How long does it take to receive a fostering license?

While there’s no financial cost to receive your foster family license, a considerable investment of time is required. The process usually takes about four to five months, and includes training, a home study by Christian Family Care, and a home inspection by the Arizona Office of Licensing and Regulation. We’ll walk alongside you in each stage of the journey and assist you in keeping your license compliant with the state.

Is financial compensation provided?

When a child is placed in your home, the state provides you with a monthly subsidy and an annual stipend to cover room, board, clothing, and other necessities. Medical, dental, prescription, and mental health expenses are also covered by the state. Working parents may be eligible to receive childcare assistance from the Arizona Department of Economic Security.

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