Therapeutic Foster Care

Experienced foster families can lovingly nurture children with behavioral health diagnoses, helping them mature, reach goals, and return to their homes and community.

Specialized Care that Creates Brighter Futures

Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC), also called HCTC, provides short term care for children and youth with mental health diagnoses or behavior issues. These boys and girls need structure and guidance within a loving, nurturing home to help them stabilize so that they can return to a permanent home.

There is a great need for Christian families who love children to provide TFC. Christian Family Care provides extensive training and support, after which foster parents will be professionally licensed to care for either one or two children with behavioral health diagnoses.

Is God Calling You to Become a Therapeutic Foster Parent?

Therapeutic foster care is richly rewarding, but also challenging. In this role, you’ll need to provide professional-level care 24 hours a day. You’ll work with the child’s therapist to develop and pursue goals, attend all regular meetings and appointments, and submit daily reports noting interventions used and the youth’s response.

Finally, in all cases, you’ll work as part of a team of providers including a doctor, therapist, social worker, and the child’s parents or guardians to help the child transition back to a permanent home.

TFC applicants must have at least two years of experience working with youth who have behavioral health problems and/or at least two years of experience as a foster parent to adolescents. One adult is required to be at home full time, and each youth requires a separate bedroom.

Support and Benefits for TFC Providers

Currently, Christian Family Care has TFC contracts in Maricopa County only. If you pursue this ministry, you’ll receive considerable assistance:

  • Professional-level foster parent reimbursement from the state
  • Regular support from a CFC caseworker
  • Regular foster parent training opportunities
  • Monthly support meetings with other providers
  • Crisis support for each child (as needed) provided by the state

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