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  • In the State of Arizona, we can decide where our taxes go.
  • The Foster Care Tax Credit allows you to redirect the state taxes you have already paid to at risk children by contributing to a qualifying foster care organizations like Christian Family Care.
  • This tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar tax reduction and can reduce what you owe to the state by $1,051 (married couples) or $526 (single filers).
  • You do not need to itemize so anyone can do it.
  • The funds raised help Christian Family Care to:
    • Place more children in Christ-centered homes.
    • Provide biblically based counseling
    • Equip godly foster and adoptive parents
  • You can give to all five tax credits below for individual/couples:
    • Foster Care Charitable Tax Credit $526/$ 1,051 (Form 352)
      Charitable organizations that qualify for the credit are those that are providing ongoing services to at least 200 qualified individuals in the foster care system and spend at least 50% of its budget on ongoing services to qualified individuals in the foster care system.
    • Charitable Tax Credit $421/$841 (Form 321)
      Charitable organizations that qualify for the credit are those that help the working poor or those that help children who are chronically ill or disabled.
    • Private School Tuition Credit $1,243/$2,483 (Form 323)
      Donations that qualify for the tax credit are those that provide scholarships or grants to qualifying private elementary and high schools.
    • Public School Extra-curricular Credit $200/$400 (Form 322)
      Funds spent on your child’s participation in an extracurricular or character education program at a public school qualify for this credit.
    • Military Family Relief Fund $200/$400 (Form 340)
      This fund helps families facing financial hardships that often are related to injuries and disabilities sustained in services to their country. Although, this credit is limited to $1,000,000 total in Arizona and is usually filled by September.
    • Combined Total Tax Credit $2,590/$5,175
  • A receipt is emailed directly to them.
  • You can always direct them to speak to their tax advisor for more information

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