I’m Aiden

Meet Aiden

Aiden is a proud handyman. Whether it be building with Legos, in the virtual world or creating a craft, Aiden’s hands stay busy. Aiden also likes to get outside on a nice day. Soccer is a favorite but as long as loved ones are around, Aiden is content. When it comes to a good meal, Aiden’s food of choice is fried chicken… just make sure it’s not too spicy. For his listening pleasure, country music is a frequent go-to with a little rap mixed in. It’s the simple pleasures in life for Aiden.

Aiden aspires to be a stay-at-home dad when he gets older. He wants to learn how to cook, bake, and do more crafts. Aiden is one who is eager to learn new tricks of the trade. Aiden also dabbles in wanting to get into technology as he has big ideas for great inventions.

Aiden’s ideal family would be an active family who can keep up with Aiden’s energy. They would need a flexible schedule as Aiden does attend therapy and other services. A two-parent household would be ideal to shower Aiden with attention. A family that has set expectations and boundaries is ideal. Aiden would do well as a younger sibling but is also okay with being an only child.

Aiden was born in 2011.

For more information reach out to SYP-Inquiries@cfcare.org.

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