I’m Zachary

Meet Zachary

Zach is intuitive, creative, and reserved. He loves eating tacos and burritos. Zach’s favorite restaurant is Taco Bell. When it comes to free time, Zach enjoys watching movies and specifically likes horror and comedy movies. The Conjuring is one of his favorite series. He also likes to play board games and hopes to one day be able to participate in game nights with a future family. Zach is known to be a “tech wiz” and is driven to know all of the ins and outs of technology.

Zach does very well in school and is an incredibly smart kid. Zach enjoys socializing with peers and looks forward to lunchtime at school. Zach enjoys this time to simply eat and hang out with friends at school. When it comes to the future, Zach is motivated to work in the field of technology and dreams of working for Samsung one day and wants to pursue a career working in IT or building/programming computers.

Zach’s ideal family consists of a mom and dad. Although he is also open to having a single dad. Zach would do well in a family that is somewhat lowkey and has the flexibility in their schedule to spend quality time together. While he prefers to be an only child, he is open to having older siblings. Zach wants a forever family that has movie nights, likes to play board games, and shares similar interests in technology. He would thrive in a home that is supportive, consistent, and encouraging.

Zach was born in 2009.

For more information reach out to SYP-Inquiries@cfcare.org.

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