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Developing Healthy,
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Family Care KIDS is thoughtfully planned to meet the unique needs of every child in our care. Our days include a balance of structured and free choice activities to meet the development of the whole class and each individual child. Whole group, small group, and one-on-one teacher and child interactions guide learning through hands-on exploration and expression – the best way to foster the development of the whole child!  

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What We Offer

Each day at Family Care KIDS, we practice what we believe to be true – each child is a unique creation by God. The Bible is the foundation for our school, and our staff all profess a faith in God. We welcome every child and every family from every background, and we hope you’ll find this to be an incredible loving community.

To best understand your child, we work hard to know the family and form supportive home-to-school connections. We want our trained staff to support the whole family, which helps ensure your child’s success!

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A Day at Family Care KIDS Preschool

We are engaged in indoor and outdoor activities and interactions to support their growth and development. Your child will experience a balance of structured and unstructured teacher-guided times that focus on stimulating the brain, language, creativity, muscle development, problem-solving, and social and emotional development.  

They’ll need the fuel to stay energized! Healthy eating begins with breakfast served to children who arrive before 8:30 am, and a mid-morning and mid-afternoon balanced snack will be provided. When the lunch bell rings, a home-packed lunch brings familiar tastes and smells to the table. 

“We believe education is most effective when children are interested, engaged, supported and encouraged in all areas of their life.”

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Family Care KIDS


“Nurturing Kids to Grow and
Strengthening Families to Thrive.”

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