Pregnancy Counseling

Christian Family Care offers free, nonjudgmental counseling for anyone struggling with an unplanned pregnancy.

If you’re pregnant and considering adoption, we can help. Our caring pregnancy counselors will listen to you and support you. Our counselors can meet with you wherever you’re most comfortable. We can help with:

  • Safe housing
  • Transportation
  • Medical care
  • Finding a job
  • Choosing an adoptive family
  • Your choice of an open adoption
  • How to tell family and friends.

See a list of adoptive families

Adoption is a Loving and Courageous Choice

If you’re not sure about adoption, that’s OK. We can still help you explore all of your options.

Creating a Parenting Plan

If you decide to parent your child, we will provide you with counseling and support. We will help you create your parenting plan and connect you with community resources.

To learn more about the services offered to birth parents, click here    

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