Letting go and letting God have control throughout the process of fostering

In this clip of the Family Care Learning Podcast from episode #5, we hear from Haley who is one of our child and family therapists at Arizona Family Counseling who talks about trusting God while doing foster care.

Brandon, another one of our child and family therapists at Arizona Family Counseling opens up by talking about the temptation a lot of times foster parents face because we tend to have more control over what happens to the children that we care for. “And so there’s almost this temptation of like, I’m going to move outside of my lane or my calling right now and kind of influence other things,” he said. God has called you to provide care for these kiddos and advocate for them in the way that you’re allowed to as a foster parent.

“I don’t know if I would be able to do this without having a relationship with Christ,” Haley said. “I mean, I commend people that are willing to do this for whatever reason because it’s hard and it’s messy, but I know for me personally, and for my husband, both of us have said, even though, obviously we’re still sad and we’re still processing and we’ll always love them and think about them and pray for them and want what’s best for them, there really is that peace that passes all understanding,” she added. It’s a feeling she said you can’t really describe. “It’s just there. I just feel it,” she said. “I might not have all the answers; we might not ever see them again, or know about their whereabouts, but I know He will explain everything and his reasoning at some point,” she said.

Haley said you have to hold onto knowing that God has a plan even when we don’t understand why something is happening the way it is happening. She said she has been reading Mark 9 where the dad brings his demon possessed son to Jesus and says, “Please heal him.” Jesus says that He’ll heal all who believe or help all who believe and the dad says, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!”

“I feel like that’s my anthem right now,” Haley said. “I believe God that you are good, that you’re just, and you love all the kids, not just the kids that were in our home, but every kid and that you have a plan for them and while I don’t understand why it got messy at the end or why didn’t that go the way that we expected it to; it just helped me with that,” she shared. “I believe in you, so help me to see and trust that you’re good and that you have a plan,” she said and mentioned how it’s much easier said than done.

To watch the full podcast click here: Grieving In Foster Care With Your Spouse – Family Care Learning Podcast #5

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