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Alex is passionate about cars. Alex likes to draw cars and trucks, especially Squat Trucks. Alex would like to learn how to repair and tune cars one day. When Alex is not dreaming about popping the hood on his truck one day, he enjoys playing video games. Call of Duty and 2K are some of his favorites. When Alex is outside, he enjoys playing basketball and football. His favorite players are Odell Beckhem Jr. and Stephen Curry.

Alex is excited to meet his forever family. He would like to travel to Mexico someday with them. Alex is open to a lot of different dynamics when it comes to his forever family. When asked what he would like in a family he said, “I don’t mind if they stay home, or go out, but sometimes I would like to go out.” When Alex was asked what he would like his future family to know about him he said, “I want to get to them, I am really into cars and would like to know more about them.” Alex would thrive in a home that gives him the unique attunement that comes from being an only child in the home.

Alex was born in 2009.

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