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Deangela is a sweet girl with an infectious smile. She warms up to you quickly, be patient.

Deangela thrives being in an environment with activities that keeps her busy, such as playing outside, going to the park, or other outdoor activities. She likes to participate in sports and wants to learn how to sew, knit and cook. She loves going out to places like Mcdonald’s and Cold Stone. Her favorite restaurant is Barros Pizza. In her downtime, she likes to read, listen to music and watch TV. Deangela is currently reading the Babysitters Club, as wants to become a babysitter when she goes up.

Deangela would thrive in a home with a single mother but would also do well in a 2-parent home. Deangela would do well as an only child or the youngest child. An active and structured family is a good fit. Deangela does well with routine and likes to have attention. Being part of family activities helps Deangela to feel included. Families should have some flexibility in their schedules for unforeseen events or changes. Meeting at a restaurant or playing in the park is a great way to get to know Deangela.

Deangela was born in 2011.

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