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Judeah is a kind and friendly girl who enjoys the company of others and lighthearted fun. In her free time, Judeah enjoys going swimming, playing board games, watching action movies, and hanging out with friends. She loves to listen to country music and her favorite artist is Kane Brown. Her favorite meal consists of a cheeseburger and fries from McDonald’s.

Judeah dreams of becoming a veterinarian one day so she can help animals in need. She enjoys school and tends to be very sociable with her peers. While she enjoys her Science and Social Studies classes, her favorite time of day is recess. Judeah loves recess because she gets to hula hoop and play tetherball with her friends. Judeah is a kind friend and is often described as being caring and helpful to those around her.

The ideal family for Judeah would be one that is patient, consistent, and dependable. Judeah strongly prefers to have a two-parent household, consisting of a mom and dad family dynamic. Though she is open to siblings, Judeah prefers to be an only child or the youngest child in the home. She loves animals and strongly desires to have pets in her future home. Judeah desires a family that is intentional and partakes in family activities together. Lastly, Judeah dreams of one day being able to go to Universal Studios with her forever family.

She was born in 2010.

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