Happy Mother’s Day

An Adoption Story of God’s Faithfulness to Two Families

Adoption requires immense courage from both the birth mother choosing life and the adoptive family who is stepping out with faith in God’s will and guidance. This courage was evident in the story of little Liam!

Chris and Stephanie felt called to adopt back in 2014. Obedient to God’s calling, they began the certification process with Christian Family Care. Halfway through adoption classes, Stephanie found out she was pregnant with their third child! This was a miracle they weren’t expecting, since Chris and Stephanie had been informed that they were unable to have more biological children. Yet, they continued to obediently pursue adoption, eventually with the added blessing of four biological children instead of two.

Making the Adoption Plan

Lauren had just moved from Texas to Arizona in hopes of starting a new life. Shortly after arriving, she found out she was pregnant. Without the support of the birth father, and while working two jobs to support herself, she knew that she couldn’t give her baby the life he deserved. She began to explore adoption agencies and found Christian Family Care. Her CFC pregnancy counselor, Kristin, helped her explore what parenting might look like, but Lauren knew she wanted her child to grow up in a Christian home with both a mom and dad present.

Once Lauren made her adoption plan, Kristin worked with her to create a list of other desires she had in a potential adoptive family. Lauren hoped that her child could be home schooled and would grow up with a family that practiced holistic nutrition and medicine. She had doubts that she would find such a unique family.

But God provided beyond what she expected.

A Match Made in Heaven

When Chris and Stephanie got the call that a birth mom wanted to meet, they felt God’s nudge to trust in Him and decided to meet Lauren. On that day, their nerves disappeared, and they discovered a host of shared values. Chris and Stephanie already homeschooled, and Stephanie maintained a holistic diet in order to remedy her auto-immune disorder. They knew only God could have orchestrated such a match.

When the time came for Lauren to deliver, she asked Stephanie to be in the hospital room. Though the nurses warned Stephanie that Lauren could possibly change her mind and choose to parent Liam, Stephanie remained and supported Lauren through a very long and hard labor. Lauren never wavered in her choice to place Liam for adoption, or in her choice of family.

Two mothers were there when Liam was born: his birth mother and his adoptive mother. Two women stepped out in faith and were obedient to God’s calling. Stephanie and Lauren still meet twice a week and have a genuine and supportive friendship. Chris and Stephanie have gained much more than a son through their adoption. They gained an extended family and a whole new understanding of trust in God’s timing and promises.

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