Restoring Hearts

An Eternal Impact

Seven-teen-year-old Isabelle is heading back to high school with a new perspective and a restored heart after spending five months in a Christian Family Care foster home. That’s where she learned about grace, forgiveness, and the unconditional love of Jesus Christ.

She was reunited with her biological family in July, but the short time she spent in foster care had an eternal impact on her life.

The Journey

Isabelle came into state care in January and was placed in a Christian Family Care home that has decades of experience fostering teenagers. Within days of moving into the home, Isabelle had her first church experience. Judy, the foster mother, saw heart changes in Isabelle early on. She felt so encouraged by the fact that God had a hold of this young girl’s heart.

Just a month later, Isabelle spent a weekend in Greer, Arizona with her youth group. It ended up becoming a life-changing weekend because she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior.

Some children are in foster care for years, some just a few weeks. Isabelle didn’t spend much time in foster care, but the time she was there was well spent.

Because of supporters like you, and Christ-centered foster parents, hundreds of Arizona children will experience the love of our Savior this year. Beyond that, many will leave foster care with personal relationships with Jesus Christ.

We’ll never know the full impact Isabelle’s time in a Christian Family Care foster home will have on her life. However, we can rest assured knowing that Isabelle now knows that God loves her unconditionally. She understands he will never let her go, even in times of trouble. Let’s celebrate that and pray for the influence that may have on Isabelle’s biological family.

We’re in the business of allowing God to restore the hearts and families in our community. Will you join us in praying for Isabelle and the children like her who will come to know the Lord in a Christian Family Care foster home? Please pray that they continue to find hope and healing through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. You can become a prayer partner by clicking here.

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