About Adoption in Arizona

At Christian Family Care we see adoption as a blessing for both the child and their new family, a family who has been called to love them unconditionally through life and model for them the great love of our heavenly father.

At CFC we are committed to placing children with parents who can best meet the child’s needs. Our main requirement is that adoptive parents be willing to make a lifelong commitment to nurture and care for the child in a loving, Christ-centered home.

What makes Christian Family Care different?

Christian Family Care goes above and beyond what the state of Arizona requires to ensure adoption is the right choice for both the adoptive parents and birth parents.

We provide support services to the adoptive parents that many attorneys do not provide. The home study process prepares and equips families to be adoptive parents. Our professional staff will then continue to provide educational and support services for families and children after the adoption has been completed.

For birth parents, we offer counseling, help with medical care, housing, pregnancy-related expenses, and post-adoption support.

Why adopt in Arizona?

CFC does not arrange out-of-state adoptions simply because there are thousands of children who need to be adopted by caring families here in Arizona. From infants to teenagers, virtually every race and socioeconomic group are waiting to become part of loving families.

Why does Christian Family Care advocate for open adoption?

We believe open adoption is best for everyone involved. We encourage families adopting children in foster care to maintain any healthy and safe connections to the child’s biological family.

Our infant adoptions are almost always open adoptions, because we believe children thrive when they live in truth about their adoption. An open adoption often involves a meeting between the birth and prospective adoptive parents before placement.

A commitment is made on both sides to ongoing contact. The degree of openness in an adoption varies from family to family. Some birth parents wish to only receive an annual update while others would like ongoing contact.

What is required to adopt through Christian Family Care?

We are committed to ensuring adoptive families can provide the stable, loving, Christian home that a child needs to live the happy life God intends for all. Our requirements for adoption include:

  • You must live in the State of Arizona
  • You must be able to sign our Statement of Faith
  • You must be actively involved in a church for at least one year
  • If married, you should be married for at least two years
  • Some age restrictions may apply

Which type of adoption is right for you?

Older adoptable youth in our foster child adoption program include sibling groups and children with physical and emotional disabilities. They often wait longer to find a permanent home, but the rewards for parents called to open their hearts and adopt a foster child are tremendous.

Our infant adoption program also places babies of varying ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Some may have special needs, substance exposure, or a family history of health issues and desperately need the blessing of a loving family.

Is the Lord calling you to make an eternal difference in the life of a child?

To take the next step for adoption, please submit an inquiry today.

Is the Lord calling you to make an eternal difference in the life of a child?

To take the next step for adoption, please submit an inquiry today.

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