Adoption in Arizona

 If you want to learn about Adoption in Arizona you’re in the right place! At Christian Family Care we see adoption as a blessing for both the child and their new family, a family who has been called to love them unconditionally throughout their life and model for them the great love of our heavenly father.

At CFC we are committed to placing children with parents who can best meet the child’s needs. Our main requirement is that adoptive parents be willing to make a lifelong commitment to nurture and care for the child in a loving, Christ-centered family.

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What makes Christian Family Care different?

Christian Family Care goes above and beyond what the State of Arizona requires. CFC wants to ensure adoption is the right choice for both the adoptive parents and birth parents.

CFC provides support services to the adoptive parents that many attorneys do not provide. The home study process prepares and equips families to be adoptive parents. Our professional staff will then continue to provide educational and support services for families and children after the adoption has been completed.

For birth parents, we offer counseling, help with medical care, housing, pregnancy-related expenses, and post-adoption support.

Why adopt in Arizona?

Virtually every race and socioeconomic group have children waiting to become part of loving families. At this time, CFC does not arrange out-of-state adoptions simply because there are many children who need to be adopted by caring families right here in Arizona.

Minimum Requirements from the State of Arizona to Adopt a child:

  • Must be 18 or older
  • Can be married or single
  • Be able to obtain a Level One Fingerprint Clearance Card
  • Must be in good physical health and have a physician sign a medical statement
  • Have sufficient family income and proof of all income

What is required to adopt through Christian Family Care?

We are committed to ensuring adoptive families can provide the stable, loving, Christian home that a child needs to live the happy life God intends for all.

Requirements from Christian Family Care to Adopt a child:

  • You must live in the State of Arizona
  • You must agree with and be able to sign our Statement of Faith
  • You must be actively involved in a church community for a minimum of six months.
  • Must be able to obtain a reference from a pastor or other leader from your local church
  • If married, you should be married for at least two years
  • Some age restrictions may apply (see more details below)

What is involved in becoming certified to adopt?

Contact us to start the process!

Our Recruitment Coordinator will answer your questions, request a brief application, and have you review our Statement of Faith and share your testimony. Start by contacting:

An Adoption Specialist will meet with you in person at your home or our office to learn more about your call to adoption, review the paperwork required for your home study, and answer your questions.

Which type of adoption is right for you?

Older adoptable youth in our foster child adoption program include sibling groups and children with physical and emotional disabilities. They often wait longer to find a permanent home, but the rewards for parents called to open their hearts and adopt a foster child are tremendous.

Our infant adoption program also places babies of varying ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Some may have special needs, substance exposure, or a family history of health issues and desperately need the blessing of a loving family.

More Details on Infant Adoption Through CFC

Infant Adoption Requirements

  • Age – one spouse should be under the age of 45.  
  • Health – Adoptive parents must be able to show that they are in good health physically and mentally, and be able to care for a child without issue. This will be signed off by a physician on a physician’s statement. 
  • Financial – Adoptive parents are able to provide for the family including the addition of the child and have at least $200 in excess for the month. This will be shown with paystubs, 1040, as well as a budget. 
  • Emotional – Adoptive parents have explored their history of grief and loss in order to provide emotional stability for their adoptive child.  

Infant Adoption Costs 

  • Certification Fee – This is a combination of fees that include the initial application fee of $150, the education fee of $500, the home study fee of $1750. These fees pay for the work the specialist does to collect the information necessary for the home study. Once the home study is complete, the specialist submits this to court for a judge to review. The court will issue the certification. This does not include the matchbook fee that allows the family’s profile to be placed on the website or the placement fee that is paid after the family is placed with a baby.  
  • A foster license is considered an adoption certification IF the child is adopted out of foster care and the adoptive parents are licensed foster parents. Foster care licenses can be converted to an adoption certification for a fee.  
  • Grants for Adoption costs – There are a lot of grants available for families. We provide our families with two pages of grants when they inquire about the program. The agency wants them to know that adoption is possible! 
  • Adoption Expenses & Living Expenses for Expectant Mothers – In an agency adoption, adoption expenses and living expenses for Expectant Mothers are provided for out of the placement fee the family pays once they are placed with a child. Every family pays the same fee.  
  • A family can match with a birth mother on their own and choose to work with CFC. This type of adoption is called a designated adoption. The fees for adoption expenses and living expenses are paid by the family in this type of adoption.  

The Finalization Process and Timeline

The finalization process and timeline take about 9 months to a year. This depends on how quickly the pregnancy team can have birth father work completed as well as how busy the courts are at that time. 

Services offered by Christian Family Care

CFC offers Private Infant Adoption services to assist in designated adoptions, Home Study writing only, Certification only and DCS adoptions. 

Resources for Adoptive Parents

At CFC, adoption is a lifelong process. We offer our families online learning, family coaching, and counseling. The pregnancy counselors are also available to help facilitate relationships between adoptive families and birth families in open adoption. 

More Details on Department of Child Safety (DCS) Adoption Through CFC

DCS Adoptions Licensing Process

  • Training – Our families attend a series we’ve designed just for our adoptive parents.  Parents will learn how children are affected after losing their birth families and strategies to provide healing for your adopted child.
  • Home Study – We support you during all assessments for the home study process, offering services for any areas which need attention and helping you make an informed decision about the children God may be calling you to adopt.
  • Certification – After your training and assessment process, we will write your home study and submit it to the court in the county where you reside. The judge then approves or denies the application for certification. The timeline for becoming certified to adopt depends on how quickly your paperwork is submitted, and whether there are concerns which need to be addressed during the home study assessment.

DCS Adoption Requirements

  • Age – In Arizona, you must be 18 or older to adopt.  Additional age-related considerations may be applied by CFC.   
  • Health – You must be in good physical health and have a physician attest to your health status.
  • Financial – You must have sufficient income to support an additional child and proof of all income sources.
  • Emotional – We work with you to assess information which can help you thrive in your adoption journey, such as your childhood experiences, social history, and marital relationship.

Adoption Costs

  • Home Study Fee – When requesting our home study services for certification purposes, the fee will be $800. Upon finalizing an adoption resulting from a state of Arizona placement, CFC will reimburse the home study fee to you.
  • Foster Care Parents and Certification – If you are a licensed foster parent and considering adoption, please consult with your Foster Care Specialist. Your Specialist will arrange for you to complete any additional requirements to adopt. A foster license is considered an adoption certification IF the child is adopted out of foster care and the adoptive parents are licensed foster parents. Foster care licenses can be converted to an adoption certification.
  • Support for Adoption Costs – Our families receive financial help from various sources in their lives, such as their home church or family.  Keep in mind also that the home study fee will be reimbursed to you after finalization in Arizona.  If there are special financial circumstances, a family may request a waiver of the home study fee.
  • Adoption Expenses – CFC actively encourages families to apply for subsidy benefits when appropriate.  There are also federal and state tax credits in place to help reduce your tax burden, and in some cases, adoption loans, grants, and employer assistance are available to help with adoption expenses.

The Finalization Process and Timeline

The adoption process can take time and depends a great deal on what child you’re equipped to parent.  The Department of Child Safety Specialist ultimately decides which family is selected to adopt a child.  Some families are matched within a few weeks of being certified, and others wait longer.

Services Offered by Christian Family Care

CFC offers Department of Child Safety adoption-related support services, including home study preparation, counseling support, and adoptive parent training.  Our services prepare you to become the adoptive parents who can best meet your child’s needs.

Resources for Adoptive Parents

At CFC, adoption is a lifelong process.  We offer our families online learning, family coaching, and counseling.  Our professional staff will continue to provide support services after the adoption is complete.

Is the Lord calling you to make an eternal difference in the life of a child?

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Is the Lord calling you to m ake an eternal diff erence in th e life of a child?

To take t n e xt step for adoption, please submit an in quiry today.

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