Christian Family Care’s Mentoring Program is designed to build long-lasting relationships and supports for struggling youth and young adults. A mentors support and dedication to build a lasting relationship is encouraging to a youth or young adult going through a difficult situation.

The mentor is matched with a youth or young adult and builds a relationship with them, helping them to develop essential life skills, engaging them in social activities, maintaining regular contact, and more.

The mentor is a consistent figure offering guidance, friendship, reinforcement, and a positive example. The mentor, a Christ-centered individual, will work with the mentee from a gospel perspective.

A mentor is asked to commit to working with the mentee for a minimum of one year in order to work towards creating a close bond. The mentor will tailor the support they offer to the mentee, depending on the mentee’s specific needs.

Christian Family Care provides on-going training and support for our mentors.

What is a mentor?

A mentor at Christian Family Care is a volunteer position. The mentor, a Christ-centered individual, will work with their mentee from a gospel perspective. The mentor is a consistent figure offering guidance, friendship, reinforcement, and a positive example.

What does the process to become a mentor look like?

There is an application process that includes an interview, personal reference checks, background checks, auto insurance verification, TB testing, obtaining a Level One Fingerprint Clearance card, CFC policy acknowledgement, completing our volunteer waiver of liability, and auto insurance verification.

Do I need prior experience working with vulnerable youth or adults?

Prior experience is a bonus, but not a requirement. We will provide the initial and on-going training based on “trauma-informed care” practices.

What mentoring roles does CFC offer?

In the first 3-months of mentoring we encourage mentors and mentees to focus on building a solid relationship. After that relationship is established, we offer two types of mentoring roles to consider based on the specific needs of the mentee:

1. Attachment Orientated Mentoring – A relaxed relationship with a youth under 18-years old (usually in foster care). The goal is to be a consistent caring adult in the youth’s life.

2. Goal Orientated Mentoring – Requires a more structured relationship with a youth 18-years and older (usually aged out of foster care). The goal is to provide a consistent caring relationship while working on life skills and personal goals.

What are the expectations?

Christian Family Care’s Mentor Program is designed to give struggling youth or young adults a supportive person to turn to when they are dealing with their day-to-day challenges. Mentors meet with their mentees one-on-one at least four hours per month. Mentors commit to a year-long mentorship. Mentors are required to complete a monthly, 90-day, and Annual progress questionnaire. These questionnaires help the mentor coordinator to support the mentor/mentee relationship based on the needs of that relationship.

What does the matching process look like?

We match mentors with a pre-teen, teen or young adult, a youth or young adult associated with CFC through our different programs.

If you would like more information about the mentor volunteer position, click here to see the full mentor job description.

Still have questions? Contact our volunteer coordinator here.

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