Pain and Purpose in Reunification

Pain and Purpose in Foster Care Reunification The following story was written by a Christian Family Care foster mom, Katie. You can find links to her podcast and a video interview with her sharing more about her experience at the bottom of this article. Saying “Yes” to Foster Care and the Unknown Sometimes God asks … Read more

Emotional Contagion

Four Ways to Emotionally Protect Yourself and Your Children Right now, we are all trying to avoid catching illness. As a society we are increasing our awareness of germs and how we spread germs so that we can conduct our lives in an informed manner. Like germs and viruses, we are also spreading something else: … Read more

Daily Activities for Kids during COVID-19

Ways to Care for your Children Without School Well parents, it looks like school is out for the rest of the school year. If this set off a panic alarm, don’t worry! Christian Family Care is here to help you through this time with practical advice to help you and your family navigate through these … Read more

Finding Balance in an Extreme Time

Responding and Reacting in Times of Crisis Balance feels so elusive these days, doesn’t it? Extreme things are happening worldwide and it’s changing rapidly. In Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI), we emphasize the importance of balancing nurture with structure. We understand that when we lean too much one way or another, we deprive our kids … Read more