Arizona’s Tax Credits!

Listen up Arizona tax payers! We have the opportunity to receive a tax credit by making a donation to a qualified organization or charity. This donation will replace what we would owe the state in income taxes. Because of these tax credit opportunities, we can make a difference in the lives of the children and families most in need in our state by simply allocating our tax dollars to the places we feel most called to do so. This also saves our state money when making decisions to allocate other tax payer dollars.

You must make your tax credit donations by April 15, 2022, in order for them to apply to the 2021 tax year. You can find additional information on the Arizona Department of Revenue state tax credit page.

Tax Credit Options in Arizona Include:

Foster Care Tax Credit

In Arizona, the Foster Care Tax Credit means you can choose a qualifying charity that facilitates foster care and adoption services in our state and make a donation to them. This donation will replace what you would owe the state in income taxes. For example, married couples can donate up to $1,000 and receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit. For individuals paying their taxes, they can donate up to $500 to receive a tax credit. Donate to Christian Family Care here!

Married: $1,000

Individual: $500

Charitable Tax Credit

You may have heard about this tax credit as the “working poor” tax credit. For this tax credit opportunity, your donation would need to go to a qualifying charity that helps provide people with temporary assistance in their time of need (TANF) and it also helps low-income families, those who are chronically ill, and people with physical disabilities. For those tax payers filing as a married couple you can donate up to $800 and for the individual tax payer you can donate up to $400 for a tax credit.

Married: $800

Individual: $400

The Arizona Military Family Relief Fund Credit

This tax credit opportunity helps ease the financial burden of families of service members who are currently deployed and post 9/11 military and veteran families. Assistance for these families is identified by the Arizona Military Family Relief Fund Advisory Committee. You’ll need to give your tax credit donation to this fund by visiting their website here: Arizona Military Family Relief Fund. This donation must be made before December 31. This fund can only accept a total of $1 million in donations and if the fund reaches that amount before your donation gets to them, your donation will be returned to you.

Married: $400

Individual: $200

Private School Tax Credit

This tax credit helps provide low to middle income families an opportunity to send their kids to a private school. This tax credit can also be called, “Credit for Contributions to School Tuition Organizations.” For the year 2021, this tax credit is up to $2,435 for married couples and up to $1,219 for individual taxpayers. These donations must be made to certified school tuition organizations. 

Married: $2,435

Individual: $1,219

Public School Tax Credit

This tax credit goes towards public or charter schools. Donations by married couple can be up to $400. Donations made by individual tax payers can be up to $200. These donations will go towards extracurricular activities as well as character education programs at public or charter schools in Arizona.

Married: $400

Individual: $200

How to make a tax credit donation:

Step 1: Find a qualifying charitable organization you wish donate to.

Step 2: Fill out their form which is usually found on the organization’s website. CFC’s form is here.

Step 3: Submit your payment.

Step 4: Keep a record of your transaction for your tax records.

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