Breaking the Cycle

Breaking the Cycle

Preventing Neglect & Keeping Kids Safe

Erik and Angela found themselves in a tough situation after moving back to Phoenix. They packed up their kids and left Arizona to get away from their families who struggled with substance abuse. They wanted to break free of the family cycles that have plagued their families for generations. After moving to Georgia and securing a job, it seemed as though things were working out for the first time in their life. Erik had a steady job and they had a safe place to live while Angela stayed home and cared for their children.

A Turn for the Worse

After months of working with his company, Erik was notified that they would be eliminating his position. Struggling to find a job to cover their rent, bills, and purchase food for the family, they became homeless. They were distraught! They wanted so badly to make it work in their new state, but they didn’t know how they could with no job and no help from family. At the end of their rope, and hesitating to go back to the family cycle they tried so hard to escape, they called spoke to Angela’s mom back in Arizona. She invited them to move in with her.

After moving back to Arizona, both Erik and Angela worked hard to secure jobs so they could get their own place quickly. Angela’s mom had a history of drug use, which led to Angela entering into foster care as a teenager. After a few days in the home, Angela began to recognize the same signs of her mom’s substance abuse from when she was a child. Erik and Angela talked with each other and were concerned that their children could be removed if it was found out that her mom was using substances. After speaking with each other, they did some research and came across Safe Families for Children. They reached out to Safe Families to provide a home for the kids until they could save up enough money to afford an apartment.

Help from Safe Families for Children

Their Host Family took great care of the kids while their mom and dad worked overtime to save up the money needed for a deposit. In just three short weeks, they were able to be reunited with their children in a much safer and healthier environment.

Erik and Angela are now in their own apartment and the Host Family has offered to help them in any way they can. Erik told the Safe Families team that he’s never had anyone help him like the Host Family had. He was brought to tears when they offered future help. Sometimes all a family needs are a couple of weeks and some help to keep them from hitting rock bottom!

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